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Motion picture & animation

Product visualizations and trade fair films

A small wink, great emotions or a vivid representation of your products in 3D. Our experienced experts in 3D, animation and video will create inspiring animations and movies for you. From product visualizations to animated icons, custom-made image films or entertaining documentations and tutorials. For your website as well as for trade fairs, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Surprising 3D effects are just as important to us as exciting stories that represent the core of your brand. That is why we put emphasis on close coordination with you - from the first treatment or concept to the storyboard and look & feel. Of course, we adapt the concept ideally to respective channels. For a result which inspires your target group and puts your brand’s values in a nutshell.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality extends the reality around us and creates a variety of opportunities for marketing. Our experts in the PierraaDigital unit develop bold concepts for you that allow you to experience your brand or products in a completely new and surprising way.

and tutorials

Explaining complex content in a precise and simple way to all target groups is a supreme discipline in every communication mix. Our animation and motion picture experts know what it is all about.


Animation combined with movement is a dream team. This creative and surprising effect allows to revalue content in a subtle way and focus on relevant structures.


Precise explanations of complex content to all target groups – in a catchy and simple way – is a supreme discipline in any communication mix. Our animation and motion picture specialists know exactly what matters.

Event movies

Photography can achieve a lot, but only an event movie is able to convey a feeling for the atmosphere and uniqueness of your event to your target group. We provide an all-round support for you for all aspects of this.

Data visualization

We process your data and create appealing animations to substantially enhance your business reports, annual and sustainability reports and significantly increase the interest of your target group.

Increase of

Fine, revaluing animations which are only visible to your target group at a second glance mean a significant increase of the attention span and the time spent on an application.