Innovation & Tradition

Foreword of the Management

It is a good moment to take a look back, draw a conclusion and work on your brand with new energy and a fair amount of courage. Our aim is to maintain the well-proven, established parts and make room for new ideas. We want to support you on this way. It will certainly be no easy way, but it is of high importance for the protection of your company. It is just this combination of innovation and tradition which makes your company strong and sustainable


My team consists of impressive, experienced characters who are looking forward to meeting you. Our four specialized units support you throughout all channels and from one source. Thus, we ensure unique quality, absolute punctuality and planning security.

You are welcome to visit us: Get to know us in our wonderful Löbbecke Villa and let us work together to make your brand shine in a new light.

Saskia Pierschek
CEO & Founder

„Brands tell stories, build personality and lasting emotions.

Enhancing your identity is our passion.“

Saskia Pierschek | CEO & Founder
PierraaGroup GmbH