Foto von Digitalisierung Werbeagentur Braunschweig
Foto von Digitalagentur Braunschweig

HvF Gymnasium

A vivid new website concept

A school is more than just the classes themselves. We think so too. That is why we designed an online presence for the Hoffmann-von-Fallersleben-School that reflects the lively interaction between pupils, parents and teachers as well as the wide range of offered services.

Therefore, not only a new technical concept based on TYPO3 but also a comprehensive graphic redesign and redesign of the brand were part of the relaunch. In order to remain recognizable in spite of all the new elements, we have systematically developed significant design elements further on. The result: a fresh and barrier-free website that is also optimally accessible on mobile devices thanks to its responsive design.

And because school life never stands still of course, we have given training courses to the school's editors with all the tools and information they need to maintain their website optimally.

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Customer: HvF Gymnasium
Cooperation since: 2015
Discipline: Design, Digital, Consult
Branch: Education & Social Affairs