Foto von VirtuaLounge und Saskia Pierschek
Foto von Oliver Syring, Claudia Kayser, Saskia Pierschek
Foto des IDEE Wettbewerbs der Allianz für die Region


handed out at the IDEE Wettbewerb award

In 2018, the entrepreneurs intensely dealt with the foundation of a company and developed their ideas into sustainable concepts, themed “Think new. Act brave.” Our CEO, Saskia Pierschek, has been a member of the jury at Ideenwettbewerb by Allianz für die Region (Regional Alliance) for five years already.

Now, the best competitors have been awarded. Allianz für die Region GmbH invited the winners to Wichmannhallen in Braunschweig. The "VirtuaLounge" team, who developed a virtual platform for senior citizens and people in need of care, also received the partner prize worth EUR 2,500 in addition to the third place. PierraaGroup supports the team with a comprehensive consulting package that also includes individual communication solutions. This special prize has now been awarded for the fourth time and has accounted for significant promotional work in the past.

The team was particularly convincing because it integrates digitalization into the nursing sector. "Digitization is a key element of our economy. Seizing the opportunity to transfer technologies to other areas should enjoy a high degree of recognition and support from all of us", Saskia Pierschek explained at the presentation of the PierraaGroup special prize to 250 visitors in the TRAFO Hub. The copyright of the shown pictures is held by Mrs. Janina Snatzke.

„With impressive creativity and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, they won over the jury in the presentation of their increasingly digital business models. They are a visible expression of our region’s enormous innovative power.“

Oliver Syring | CEO
Allianz für die Region GmbH