We want to offer our employees in our brand and advertising agency a working environment which they feel comfortable in. A good work-life balance, individual development opportunities and a working culture on a par are highly important to us. But we care just as much about regular reflections on how to become even more attractive as an employer. In 2018 we proudly received the "Attractive Employer" seal of approval by Allianz für die Region and the Arbeitgeberverband Region Braunschweig (Employers' Association).

The award Zunkunftgeber not only confirms our attractive working conditions. Above all, the audit phase of 8 months was an excellent opportunity for us to collect many new impulses from which current and future employees benefit.

Learn more about this award in the interview given by our CEO Saskia Pierschek on Radio Okerwelle. The copyright of the pictures shown in the video is held by Mrs. Susanne Hübner.

Photo of Diashow AfdR Zertifikat

„As employers, we must be increasingly prepared to account for the individuality of each employee and to integrate individual lifestyles into everyday work.“

Saskia Pierschek | CEO & Founder
PierraaGroup GmbH